About Variations Physiques vol. 1

Mickaël Bourgoin, Nicolas Plihon and Alex Andrix about the project inception, life and public reception. A short documentary by DUNES / ENS de Lyon (FR).

Short documentary on Variations Physiques vol. 1

Musical composition

Between Sep 9-12th, 2019 the artistic team met in Lyon, France, to compose music for Variations Physiques vol. 2 VR experience.

Musical composition for Variations Physiques vol. 2

Visual composition

Here is a mashup video gathering several creation steps of the visual outcome.

Primordial Soup Mashup – Variations Physiques vol. 2

Public presentation

Both the algorithmic paintings gallery and the VR experiences can be shared to the public. Here below is a short coverage of our presentation at Village des Sciences CNRS, Musée des Confluences in October 2019 (FR).

Capsule CNRS Variations Physiques vol. 1 – Musée des Confluences, Village des Sciences FDS 2019

Between Nov. 2018 and March 2019, an exhibition was organized at Ecole Centrale de Lyon with 3 algorithmic paintings in wide format (~3m x 2m) displayed in the main amphitheater hall. During the introductory conference and graduation ceremony, Variations Physiques vol. 1 was proposed to students and relatives.

Commenting VR experience Variations Physiques vol. 1 at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (FR)

Gammes Différentielles

Another set of creations started in 2020: planetarium dome shows inspired by famous equations. Here below is a flat-film trailer for the first creation on Einstein fields equations. Also available in VR.