Algorithmic paintings

Between september and october 2018, as the Variations Physiques vol. 1 VR experience was being created, Alex Andrix produced a series of 8 artworks inspired by physics.

Generated out of an algorithmic process, the paintings are captures of animations where particles leave trails in space or on a two-dimensional canvas. Force field equations rule the particles motion while their positions are marked with simple shapes like dots or lines, which altogether create the final output.

4 artworks are a re-exploration of one of Alex’s previous art series on gravitation, while the 4 others are directly inspired by physics experiments studied at Laboratoire de Physique ENS de Lyon during Variations Physiques vol. 1 residency: the Lagrangian Exploration Module by Mickael Bourgoin and his team, the Plasma Column by Nicolas Plihon and his team, and the Planeterrella by Jean Lilensten.

An online gallery was set up for showcasing purposes during exhibitions.

From May 2019 onwards, the paintings decorate corridor walls at Laboratoire de Physique ENS de Lyon.